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A number of frequently asked questions are presented below:

Yes, we can remove the existing installation and use the door aperture or open it up if there are side walls and ceiling a down-stand feature that if removed improves access. We can strip out the internal fittings and install a new internal design to suit your requirements.

Many existing built-in wardrobes have merely a high shelf with a hanging rail below – this can be removed and a new internal layout design installed that improves the use of the space by introducing double hanging, shelving, drawers and accessories to suit customer requirements.

This is a popular request where the double doors that open into the room use floor space and the access into the wardrobe is limited by the reduced door opening widths and heights. Removing side walls and ceiling down-stands to open the wardrobe door aperture to the full width and height improves access to the full area of the wardrobe and installing sliding or folding doors can introduce a more efficient and stylish new look to the room. The internal layout possibilities are then extremely more flexible and practical allowing a design that maximises the space.

Where a large room is available, by carefully planning the storage required, a new fitted wardrobe can be built into the free space either incorporating and therefore replacing drawer space currently situated in stand-alone furniture units present in the room, or additional fitted furniture units can be built-in alongside or in other strategic positions in the room to compliment the wardrobe with matching materials and design.

We specialise in identifying areas in the home that can accommodate new additional storage without compromising the useable circulation space in a room. Clever use of room corners or unused space can often provide the storage space required and add a new attractive dimension to the room.

Sliding doors do not take up floor space when they are opened therefore allowing access to the wardrobe or area behind without the need to step back. They are easy to open and move freely on their tracks. Ideal for tight spaces and areas where floor space is important. A wide choice of design options and materials are available.

Folding bi-fold type doors can be provided in a wide variety of designs and are still more practical and efficient than conventional pivot doors allowing access to a wider area. They do open with a limited use of floor space, therefore use in a room where floor space is less important, but a stylish design is desired is ideal for this type of door. Because of the way they open, the area behind can be opened up to a wider area than sliding doors due to the fact that sliding doors overlap one another when opened, folding doors do not.

Yes, with careful design an attractive room feature can be created that provides a practical sliding division to a long room.

Yes this is an ideal use for a spare room. Some careful planning to establish the type and amount of storage required is advisable at the outset. This will define the most effective configuration for hanging space, shelving, drawers and any accessories desired to provide the ultimate solution for your personal requirements.

In larger rooms it is possible to isolate a corner that can be fitted out with shelves, drawers and hanging space etc., and this area can be segregated from the rest of the room by a light and attractive partition arrangement incorporating a sliding access door. Door and partition design material choices are extensive to provide a stylish feature into the room.

Price is reliant on the size, choice of materials, design layout and type of installations. This is why we offer a free survey with design and quotation service. We can however offer indicative costs based on customer details in the first instance provided your enquiry sets out your rough dimensions and layout requirements with an idea of colours and materials. A discussion is always best. Contact us in the first instance.

We have large choice of material types and colours, door types and finishes, and we have the ability to modify designs and price at the press of a button to introduce alternative components that help you meet your budget. We work with you to achieve the best solution both in design and price.

We understand working environments and the ergonomics of space necessary for an operation to work efficiently. Often there is space in a room that is not instantly recognisable that can be used for a storage system. For example a wall space where a floor to ceiling shelving system can be hidden behind attractive sliding doors that enhance the room and provide extensive and effective efficient storage space. A site survey and pre-design discussion can clarify the thinking enormously – contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

We have a number of options that will provide durable and attractive fitted furniture solutions including sliding door wardrobes, beds, cabinets and vanity / desk units in matching materials aimed at the hotel and guest house market. Our specialist knowledge related to room layout design will help compliment your chosen theme.

Fitted furniture for the home and business is our speciality designing for the available space, or identifying space where solutions can be sited. All types of fittings are possible from cabinets, bookcases, shelving systems, sliding, folding and pivot door systems, office solutions whether for the home or business.

Our extensive range of accessories is applicable to many types of storage. From pull-down, pull-out hanging rails, shelves, trouser racks, shoe racks, baskets, tie racks and laundry bags.

The design options for this type of furniture unit are endless. A floor to ceiling unit with shelving, a television mount, space for the music system and perhaps including a sliding door display cabinet for personal effects or artefacts.

Home office furniture such as a desk, drawers and perhaps a storage cupboard or shelving for files, books etc., are all possible.

Yes, designs suited to young children and teenagers are well within our scope providing innovative solutions to meet the young person’s needs and creative environment.

Most of our materials are quality dense laminated wood effect chipboard for carcassing and doors with options for a variety of coloured, clear, frosted or mirror glass for doors. Sliding doors have the option of steel or aluminium frames with a variety of colour choices. Folding doors are aluminium frames.

A 10 year conditional guarantee is provided on all sliding door systems.

Lead time for delivery is 6 to 8 weeks from date of order.

A deposit of 50% of the order value is payable to secure the order and final payment is due on satisfactory completion of the installation. Payments can be made by bank transfer (FPS), Debit Card, Cheque or cash.

We operate a quality assurance process whereby our staff will oversee the fitting work and an inspection of the work will be undertaken at completion with the customer and signed off. Any issues will be dealt with immediately to ensure satisfactory completion and sign-off. Immediately thereafter there will be a customer service visit by one of our business partners to ensure completion to our quality standards and to maintain customer relations. We endeavour to exceed our customer expectations.







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    One of our designers will visit you in your home at a time that suits you.

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    The designer will use software to design your product which will allow you to see how it will look.

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    We will provide you with a quote and a work schedule.