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Wishing for a Home Office? Here's How...

Home Office as Installed

Working from home can be great if you can have it however; sitting at a dining room table with heaps of paperwork around you or having to clear the table of household ‘stuff’ before you sit down is a time waster and does not set the right scene for working effectively. A small make-shift desk pushed into the corner of a bedroom or lounge is just as ineffective…, and what about your stationary equipment, files, tools?? Are these crammed into a wardrobe or ever bulging cupboard somewhere detracted from your work station, perhaps strewn around the floor? Is your living space compromised by your ever increasing work space necessities? Familiar?

You are not alone as often the workspace design is compromised and little thought about before one embarks on the home business journey.

The home office is a unique workspace that has the attractive option of being designed to the precise needs of the person or persons who will use it. Careful thought to the design requirements at the outset is a must to ensure that the final result will provide the effective, comfortable layout desired that will best suit your business needs and objectives.

A customer recently contacted us to provide a home office solution for her and her partner who run a successful photographic and web design business. They had identified a spare room in their home that they wanted to utilise for their office – a room that would be set aside from their treasured living space that would provide the ideal working environment where their work ethos could reside. Complete separation between work and home life with the ease of transition was important to them.

Now I hear you say, “lucky them having a spare room available to use for an office”.  Well bear with me, what we did for them can be re-configured, adjusted, resized and designed in part to fit into an existing room hidden say behind a set of elegant sliding doors that can become a welcome feature when closed after the working day is over.

Back to our customer… Storage for photographic equipment, administration files and literature together with work desks for computers and office peripherals had to be accommodated, but with the option to hide equipment and data from view. In addition, an area where a small settee could be sited for a comfortable client consultation corner was desirable.

The best way for us to begin to visualise the solution is to survey the room and identify any controlling factors that could affect the layout. That done the survey data including room dimensions and feature positions are fed into our software programme and the design may begin to take shape.

  Internal Layout Design Image          External Layout Design Image

The entrance door into the rectangular room was situated at one end of the long wall and a window was positioned roughly central to the opposite wall. The obvious area for the settee was directly opposite the door in the corner of the room next to the window. This allowed the remaining wall space to the left of the door, wrapping round the far short wall and onto the window wall as far as the left hand edge of the window, to be utilised for an integrated office layout.

Immediately to the left of the door a full room height sliding door system was created to house heavier photographic equipment in the lower level with generous space for lighter equipment, reference books and files above. In the two far corners of the room we sited the integrated corner desks with drawers below and open shelving above the desktop, and with sliding door storage above to ceiling height incorporating further integrated shelving. The return desktop towards the window housed another integrated shelf unit to accommodate the printers.

To ensure a light and airy ambience to the room the home office storage system was finished in Light Rijeka Oak with white panelled sliding doors.

Our customers now enjoy a clutter free relaxing working environment which is a pleasure for them to work in, and when clients’ call equipment and paperwork etc., can be quickly hidden by simply closing the sliding doors returning the “office” to a pleasant and comfortable consulting room.

Indeed, our customers’ have commented that they love this work room now so much, they spend more time there than anywhere else in the house – we believe, because it was created by partnering our space design expertise with their unique vision for the room environment they desired.


                                                                                 Home Office Before and After




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