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Design Stylish Wall Shelf Storage - 5 Great ideas!

The bookcase is a common sight in many homes, and the office has a great need for shelves. Even in this digital age where everyone seems to have a PC or tablet of some kind, many still like to keep books and files that have meaning, as well as being needed on a daily basis.

Shelves are also commonly used in the form of a display cabinet too for key ornamental pieces, sculptures, trophies or to display a business’s brand and perhaps examples of work. There is every reason why storage should express style…

1. Fill the wall

If you have a vast expanse of wall, adding a fitted bookcase or shelving unit is a great way to utilise this space and create a stunning feature and focal point to a room too. Integrating book shelves with say your sound system or media equipment / TV perhaps with some other useful feature that helps utilise the room for a multi-functional use – display your prize art pieces or trophies behind a section with glass fronted doors or incorporate a fold away work desk or even a hidden foldaway bed!

Such a large structure will need to be securely anchored and fixed to the wall so we always suggest having a professional team install a display feature of this kind.

You can integrate your books in such a way that you can easily gain access to them and have spaces specifically for your personal or company artefacts, trophies, displays and so on. Choose the wood finish that will be both elegant and timeless in your interior space.

2. Great in awkward spaces

Making a focal point of an awkward space is also a possible with fixed shelf storage units. Under the stairs or in corners where the ceiling slopes, a bespoke designed and fitted shelved display unit is a great way of making use of all of the space.

Again, you can distribute the displays or books around the space so that you have an organised system so when you need a certain item, you can lay your hands straight on to it.

3. Shelving and cubes

We love bookcases and display units that have a mix of shelving and ‘cubes’. It adds interest and presents the bookcase as a feature, dividing up endless rows or books.

It also means that you can maximise the use of storage in a fitted furniture unit by creating interest in a subtle way. Cube shelving is a great way to store pretty items but sometimes, you have things that you may want to hide from view. A stylish way to do this is to have some areas closed with attractive doors at variable positions, perhaps finished in an attractive coloured glass.

Doors can be sliding or opening up or to the side depending on their position and how you want them to operate.

4. Down or up lights

Lighting a shelving system really adds a stylish flair to it. Adding up or down lights – or a combination of both – can be used to accent some parts of a shelf system or bookcase, perfect if you want to show off a bespoke ornamental piece or even a piece of art  - many options for LED lighting are available in a wide array of colours too.

5. Build the Shelving around a feature

A brilliant benefit of fitted shelving is that they can be truly bespoke. Many people choose to design and have their shelving fitted around a feature in their home. This frames the feature perfectly but also adds style and interest to the display value.

For example, creating a fitted shelf system around the television or a prized piece of art; or under an exposed staircase, in a room recess is a great idea. It utilises as much storage space as possible and looks great too.


How do you think you can add shelving into a room and create a feature with style at the same time?


Some ideas that we have provided for our customers that are stylish and have practical use…


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