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Economies of scale and experience in people businesses have tended to be less significant than in industrial businesses, where processes are embodied and learning institutionalized in machinery or software. That means large people businesses don’t necessarily have cost advantages over smaller competitors—indeed, often quite the reverse. A people-oriented business such as a software company, with a big investment in future-focused and largely fixed-cost activities such as R&D, will clearly see a cost benefit as sales volume increases. But a strictly defined people business, with its near-term value creation, generally won’t. This makes it critical for people businesses to price their products or services in ways that enable them to capture a share of any additional value they create for customers. Focusing on intangible assets is troublesome for people businesses in other ways.

It goes without saying that managing people is a key task for any company. Because employees represent both the major cost and the major driver of value creation, people-management moves that lead to even small changes in operational performance can have a major impact on returns. Consider a typical security and facilities management company in which operating profit is 10% of employee costs and economic profit is 8% of employee costs. In such a case, a 5% improvement in employee productivity increases operating profit by 50% and economic profit by over 60%. People costs exceed capital costs in an array of other businesses, as well.

The chairman and largest shareholder of the firm,Berkshire Hathaway, he is often called as the ‘Oracle’ or ‘Sage’ of Omaha. Notably, he has pledged to give away a sizable portion of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc.

Herrera will focus on shaping a future MCA audience that reflects the evolving cultural fabric of Chicago and defining the MCA’s work through the lens of DEI. Herrera was most recently the Director of Communications at the Chicago History Museum. Taft welcomes Scott Dawson as an associate attorney in the Real Estate practice. Scott assists clients in real estate transactions related to the acquisition, disposition, leasing, development, and financing of real property. Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Ltd. is pleased to announce the promotion of George P. Sellis to Partner in the firm. Mr. Sellis’s practice focuses on regulatory compliance and administrative litigation in the healthcare and education sectors.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest painters ever, Leonardo da Vinci was an extremely talented polymath. While his work The Mona Lisa became the most famous portrait, his drawing The Vitruvian Man became a cultural icon. A man well ahead of his time, Leonardo is also known for his notes on science and invention. Walt Disney is considered to be the forerunner of the American animation industry.

One way for an organization to achieve this is to focus on a particular activity in order to accumulate experience and know-how—think of a company that offers a specific medical procedure, such as dialysis, at hundreds of clinics. This will typically lead to higher returns because, with the right management, experience will improve the speed, quality, and cost with which the service can be performed. Given the high financial stakes, people management needs to be a core operational process and not solely a support function run by the human resource department. Line managers have a vital role to play in improving employee productivity, in terms of both business issues and management issues .

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