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Business Professionals of America strives to offer a variety of programs, events and conferences that develop emerging leaders through learning, professional growth and service. When you join Business Professionals of America you make friends, explore new interests, are exposed to real-world experiences, and learn skills that will help you succeed wherever you go. Not to mention, it’s a good thing to put on your resume as it can give you the edge when applying for jobs right out of college. With tens-of-thousands of members located across the country and U.S. territories, you join a powerful network that offers life-long opportunities to members. We at People Business enable and develop internal champions within organisations who continue the efforts of sustaining a high performance and engagement driven culture. Our fully integrated services can help you develop a clear, concise and distinctive employer brand that acts as your “glue” and helps you achieve superior business outcomes.

Business Professionals of America offers students the chance to develop valuable leadership skills and make connections that last a lifetime. Business Professionals of America National Officers represent the BPA student members from across the country. National Officers serve a one-year term and are elected each year during the organization’s National Leadership Conference. Known collectively as the “Executive Council”, they represent the national organization at various conferences and meetings throughout the nation during their term of office.

She manufactured and promoted a cosmetic-and-hair-care line catering to black women, through the Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company. She was also the richest African-American businesswoman when she died. He is also credited with co-founding America’s major telephone company AT&T, which has been going strong since 1885. Bell’s later life was marked by his groundbreaking work in aeronautics, hydrofoils, and optical telecommunications.

While more suited to people businesses, they usually don’t carry much weight with top management. That’s because the most common ones, such as sales per employee and profit per employee, are easily distorted. Sales per employee, for instance, is strongly influenced both by outsourcing and by the level of capital investment. If a company outsources activities performed by half its employees and the cost of outsourcing is the same as keeping those activities in-house, sales per employee doubles but productivity doesn’t budge. Similarly, if a company makes a capital investment and replaces employees with machinery whose capital costs exceed the costs of the employees replaced, an increase in sales per employee may be accompanied by a fall in productivity. While many of these metrics and practices apply to any business whose people costs are greater than its capital costs, they are most relevant for what we call people businesses.

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At a certain point, struggling to make things fit into an existing model no longer makes sense. Capital-oriented metrics aren’t much help in assessing a people business, as they tend to mask weak performance or indicate volatility where it doesn’t exist. Sandberg has been the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook since 2008.

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